Post COVID-19 care with Yoga and Ayurveda

The ancient traditional principles of management in the pandemic diseases can be precisely understood through the integrative method. Ayurveda physicians have described performing the Panchakarma in the preliminary stage, which may fight the viral entry into the body or may reduce viral load in the infected individual.

Ayurvedic guidlines for Improve Immunity

Keep your agni (digestive fire) strong. To do that, follow your dinacharya. It is the first important thing that Ayurveda recommends. For dinacharya, wake up in the morning, scrape your tongue and brush your teeth. Drink a glass of warm water then do pranayama. Pranayama strengthens our immune system including our pranavaha srotas, our respiratory system. Rasa vaha srotas, your lymphatic system will be cleansed to boost your energy. This will maintain the balance of ojas (immunity, strength), tejas (digestion both subtle and gross), and prト]a (vital life force).

What we offer for enhance immune system?

Administration of Rasayana may delay the process of pathogenesis by increasing the immunity and eliminating the viral toxic effects on the body. The specific herb therapy may help in completely alleviating the residual viral load.

  • Nutritious eating routine. Balanced nutritious diet, preferably easy to digest freshly cooked soft diet.
  • Drink adequate amount of warm water.
  • Take immunity promoting Ayurveda Supplements as prescribed by a qualified practitioner
  • Daily practice of Yogasana, Pranayama and Meditation, as much as your health permits.
  • Daily morning or evening walk at a comfortable pace.
  • Sufficient sleep and rest.
  • Increase the intake of Turmeric, Cumin, Coriander and garlic.Drink herbal tea or decoction of Holy basil, Cinnamon, Black pepper, Dry Ginger and Raisin.

These are all excellent Ayurvedic reccommondations that can help you after COVID-19 infection.